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OIREACHTAS - Team practice schedule

2015 Oireachtas Team Practice Schedule

The practice schedule for the teams is listed below. We went to great lengths to provide you all with the most convenient and efficient practice days and times. We will be hosting a 4 hand competition at the Hagen-Kavanagh Feis. The feis will be held on November 7th. Please make sure you enter your dancer in the 4 hand competition when you enter. The H-K feis will be open for registration on feisweb.com.  We will also have a MANDATORY dress rehearsal. The tentative day for this is November 13th. Please block that weekend off for the practice. Also, we will notify you as soon as we get the final schedule for the Oireachtas. Once the schedule is released, we will provide you with all of the pertinent information to book the hotel. The Mid-Atlantic website is updated regularly and is a valuable resource - the address is:

www.mid-atlanticregion.com - just click on Oireachtas for information.





NOVEMBER 7th - H-K Feis-- All teams will compete

NOVEMBER 13TH - Dress Rehearsal - details to follow



We have posted several feiseanna to this schedule to remind you of the opportunities to compete.  There are 4 feiseanna that are local and therefore highly recommended. They are marked in bold on the schedule. There are another 2 feiseanna that are approximately an hour away and do not conflict with our weekend practices.

- If you have any questions about entering a feis, please email either Jean or Tara. Your child's "feis age" is his or her age on 1/1/15.  If your child was 9 on 1/1/15, he or she is in the Under 10 category at all of the feiseanna in 2015.

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Sunday, September 20th: Nassau AOH Feis, NIckerson Beach, Lido Beach.   Registration via www.efeis.com


Sunday, September 27th: Petri Feis, Carle Place High School. Registration via www.feisweb.com. 


Saturday, October 3rd- Long Beach Irish Day Parade- ALL Oireachtas dancers are expected to participate!!


Saturday, October 17th - Verlin School Feis, Pearl River High School, Pearl River, NY.  Registration via feisweb.com


Saturday 10/24 and Sunday, 10/25 - Inis Fada Feis, Mineola, NY.


Saturday, November 7th: ***Hagen-Kavanagh Feis*** at Long Beach High School. You will have the opportunity to compete in the 4 Hand and Traditional Set Categories at this feis.   Registration via www.feisweb.com***