Hagen Feis




Frequently Asked Questions


1. How old should my child be to start classes?

We offer classes for children of all ages. We offer an Intro to Irish Dance program (Tots class) for 3 and 4 year old dancers to help them develop their balance, coordination, and musicality. No dancer is too old to start - Michael Flatley didn't start until he was 11! If a dancer is determined and hard working, he or she will succeed in Irish Dance!

2. Do I need to buy special shoes?

Beginner dancers are welcome to start in black ballet shoes (girls) or jazz shoes or sneakers (boys) for their first year of dancing. After that, we encourage dancers to purchase Irish dance soft shoes (appx $35/pair for girls, $45 for boys). We also have a selection of used shoes available at the studio that can be purchased for $15-$20.

3.  Does my child have to compete?

No, competition is not required here at the Hagen-Kavanagh school.  While many of our dancers do enjoy competing, your child will have many opportunities to perform and participate in Irish dancing without attending competitions!  We have an annual recital where your child can perform with their class, and the dancers march in several parades throughout the year.   In addition, there are many family events that are available to all of the dancers!

4.  What is a feis?

A feis is an Irish dance competition.  Our dedicated Parents Corp. has provided a wonderful information packet for new families. You can click on this link to learn more: http://hagenirishdance.com/images/html/File/Firstfeisinfo.pdf